6 Movies All Foodies Should See

6 Movies All Foodies Should See

With all the nights I've been left to my own devices with Chauncey working nights, I've found myself watching a lot of food-centric movies. Here is a list of some of recent movies/movie scenes that get my foodie senses firing.


If you haven't had a chance to see this yet, it will give you great insight into the complex (and full-bodied? :-)) world of wine. 


This entire movie was made for food-porn-aholics. A true homage to the beauty and art of real and authentic food. My favorite scene in this one: the simple yet painstakingly perfect grilled cheese.


Bradley Cooper is hot. The movie revolves around the stress of running a top ranking kitchen. I'll be honest, its not a GREAT movie. But it is a foodie movie, so it goes on the list.


Yeah, yeah. This is an easy one. But it's true. I would say this foodie movie is less about the food and more about the heart. It's something we can all relate to. In order to cook well, you need a little grit and determination, because good food doesn't make itself. And it makes you want to start a food blog.


I personally think this an adorable movie, but I may be biased by the late night sandwich scene. He comes home after a hard day at work and makes the world's greatest sandwich. But it isn't great because of the ingredients; there are more decadent sandwiches for sure. It's greatness lies in its timing and ambiance. It is the perfect meal for the moment. Understated and satisfying. And that egg yolk!! :-) 

6) The scene in BRIDESMAIDS where she bakes a single cupcake

First of all, everyone should have seen this movie already. But if you are a foodie and watch this movie, the cupcake scene will sing to your heart. It articulates the beauty of cooking & baking. The meditative value in preparation, creation, and final touches of a perfect meal. And at the end of what is a yoga-like stress reliever, the satisfying first bite. :-)