What I'm Loving Right Now


Unlimited "Totes" of clothes and accessories. You wear them as long or as little as you like before you send it all back. Or keep it and buy it at a discount. I've already gotten many friends and coworkers hooked on it. And no, the clothes don't smell (does your rent the runway dress smell?).


My morning is not complete without starting with my daily newsletter from The Skimm.


I've found a ton of desk inspiration from this instagram account lately. Cue mug flowers on my desk occasionally.


Everyone should have one of these. Gift giving would be easier on everyone if we all just had an Amazon Wish list. Now, I think it is totally bogus when people tell their family exactly what to give them for Christmas. How boring is that? So getting a surprise item from a slew of options on the Amazon Wish List is a happy medium.