Fall Sunday Drive in Ohio

Fall Sunday Drive in Ohio

Chauncey and I went back home this weekend to visit his family and on Sunday while Chauncey and his dad worked on the truck, Chauncey's mom and Aunt Barb and I went on a Sunday drive. By the end, I was actually pooped from taking so many photos, which doesn't happen often! Here are some of my favorites from our adventure.

We started off with donuts because..why not?? :-)

One of the first cool things we came across was a barn around a bend in the road where a beautiful chestnut horse was grazing on the side of the road. As soon as I got out of the car to snap a photo, this adorable yellow lab mama came running up to me and jumped up on me looking for love! Then.. came her puppy. This little poof thing was so cute! I tried to get a shot with the horse and puppy together but it wasn't in the cards. I literally almost came home with this puppy.

After a while of driving, we made it to two counties over in Coshocton, OH where there is a canal boat and beautiful trail!

Next, Aunt Barb drove us to a beautiful Victorian home. I forget what town this was (we went through SO many!).

Next was probably all of our favorite parts of the drive. On Aunt Barb's family's property was an old abandoned barn that we decided to explore. After walking to the barn we continued to discover OLD barn equipment, houses, and even a bus! We had so much fun exploring.

It was so fun to hang out with family, see the countryside, and see some beautiful sites! Can't wait to do it again some time. :-)