I had the amazing pleasure to travel to Scotland for work. If you haven't seen this video, it is pretty hilarious. Also, this happened while we were there which was a bit scary at the time, but all turned out just fine :-).

Setting the Scene

We arrived to a Scotland that, however unseasonably warm for January at 40 degrees, was predictably overcast and misty. Instead of these conditions casting a dreary blanket on the the day though, it set the stage for an arrestingly calm and serene atmosphere. Which was literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air.

Mar Hall

 We stayed at Mar Hall, which is amazing and beautiful. It looks like a royal castle, but the staff told us that it was originally built as a private residence (whaat!). During WWI, they turned it into a hospital for wounded soldiers. Wikipedia tells me that it was called "Princess Louise Scottish Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers."  It only became a hotel recently, in 2004, after major interior renovation. Nevertheless, there was no shortage of "ghost" stories that we encountered while there :-).

Mar Hall is surrounded by a serene Scottish backdrop. On the Clyde River and next to beautiful forestry, my team and I took our extra time to walk around and explore.

All Dogs Go to...Scotland

There were dogs EVERYWHERE. I'm pretty much convinced that Scotland is where dogs go when they die. None of them were on leashes either. All just roaming the countryside free as can be. I swear they all had smiles on their faces too :-)

Charmed by Houston

Houston is about a 15 minute drive from Mar Hall. We took our second day to walk around all the parts of Houston that we wanted to film the following day. Here are some things you should know about Houston, Scotland:

  • Most of the town's buildings are white stone with black accents. One of our taxi drivers told me this is specific to the small town of Houston. It was a super charming detail of the city, a metaphorical red thread that connected the town, showing up as one.
  • Homes are named, not numbered. I think technically there are numerical addresses, but I didn't see any on doors. Only names. Also - I don't know if your house takes your own name or if you take the house's name should you move. Would be curious to know.
  • Everyone is super friendly. Everyone we met was so accomodating, helpful, and generous.

We only spent 3 days in Scotland, but it was enough to make we want to return and visit more of the country. I am so grateful to have gotten the experience to visit!


The End.