Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Water Tower

A lot of the time when I'm behind my camera, I'm roaming around looking for photos to find me. When Chauncey's mom asked that I take a photo of Water Tower for her, it was a nice change to have a defined subject and task.

Of course while I was at it, I had to get some water reflection shots in because they are my new favorite way to slow down and observe my surroundings in an unusual way. It is actually quite amazing what shows up in water reflections yet we walk past them all day without noticing.

The below 5 photos were my favorites of Water Tower. All from different sides of the building.

This last photo is my favorite, taken from the west side of the building looking east.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about "What makes a great photo." And I had a small revelation, which seems so obvious to me now. There is no objective definition, its all personal. So in my quest to answer the more accurate question of "What makes a great photo to me?",  I've come to realize that I have a passion for candid street photography but I also have a strong appreciation for thoughtful and intentional composition. I love the symmetry of this woman's stride within the photo, perfectly lined up with the center of the door and tower.

But also because I love symmetry, it really bothers me that the lights are out on the right side of the building...