Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. 

I started writing blog posts as a way of note-taking and internalizing what I was learning while reading my Science of Good Cooking book. I first tried writing my thoughts down on paper, but that quickly became illegible short hand and incomplete thoughts. By posting here, it forced me to write in complete sentences and truly reflect on what I learned. 

I've since expanded beyond cooking posts and also now share my photography explorations. I've always been interested in photography and started taking classes to a couple years ago. I shoot with a sony alpha 6500, but still use my Canon rebel from time to time. 

On my love for photography:

I love the ability of a photograph to stop time. To highlight a moment in a way that you can't appreciate in the speed of the moment.  It can capture something very small that would be otherwise missed, and it can allow you to relive a large moment vividly.  I've also come to love how I look at my surroundings with a metaphorical photography lens. 

On my love for food:

I have developed a deep respect for food in recent years. It is in meals that we can look back, to honoring our ancestry or revisit fond memories. Food can also push us to explore the unchartered, experience new sensations, and challenges our expectations. Eating a meal with others has a unique ability to bring you together, but I've also found that there is great meditation and joy to be had in preparing and eating a meal alone. 


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